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Bring the world's best climbing films from Sender Films and Big Up Productions to your climbing gym, cinema or any other venue.

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Who can host a Reel Rock screening?

ANYONE! Businesses, clubs and associations, private individuals, student groups, climbing halls… anyone who is excited to share Reel Rock with their community!

Can I get support from the Reel Rock team?

Show hosts are completely in charge of putting on the event, including finding a venue, ticket sales, and promotion. However, the Reel Rock team will be happy to provide support and advice.

How much will it cost?

We charge a flat licensing fee for a one-time screening. Additional costs may apply depending on the need for support from the Reel Rock team.

Can I find my own local sponsors?

YES! Sponsors are a great way to finance the licensing fees. However, your sponsors must not be in direct competition with the official sponsors (listed on our website). Approval by the Reel Rock team must be obtained in advance.

Will I earn money?

You can earn money by charging an entry fee; the proceeds go directly to you. Your costs will include the licensing fee and any additional services booked.

Where can I host my Reel Rock screening?

Basically, at any location, such as local theaters, school auditoriums etc. To ensure a successful event, we recommend that the venue includes proper technical equipment (projector, screen), comfortable seating, and adequate space.

When can I host my Reel Rock screening?

You can show the film at any time after the official premiere as well as by arrangement during the tour period from September to December.

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