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Reel Rock 18

The best climbing films of the year

Back on tour from autumn

Reel Rock will be touring Germany and Austria with a new program from September.

Get your tickets – See you on tour!

The program of Reel Rock 18

Immerse yourself in four gripping new climbing films from across the globe: a visionary first ascent on Japan’s mythical Mt. Mizugaki; a climbing community held together in war-torn Ukraine; a treacherous free ascent of Jirishanca in the Peruvian Andes; and an exploration of Mallorca’s deep-water soloing.


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The climbing film DNA will be shown at the BANFF TOUR 2024. Now available to stream on Outdoor Cinema.

Man climbing on a steep rock face


Sport climbing in France: Is Sébastien Bouin climbing the next 9c?

Climbing hall with set-up screen and large audience

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Your city is home to a thriving climbing community, yet the REEL ROCK event has never made an appearance? Take matters into your own hands: Host the REEL ROCK at your own climbing gym / boulder hall / cinema / university and make it a local sensation!

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