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Your city is home to a thriving climbing community, yet the REEL ROCK event has never made an appearance? Take matters into your own hands: Host the REEL ROCK at your own climbing gym / boulder hall / cinema / university and make it a local sensation!

Hosting a show is a great way to raise awareness and/or funds for your organization, association or campaign. You can make valuable contacts with local partners and gain new supporters and members. Above all, however, it is about activating and bringing the community together and inspiring them with a breathtaking movie night.

Then simply fill out our registration form. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

How to host a show

1) Get in touch with us

Let us know about your idea as detailed as possible and we will provide you with further information and work something out with you.

2) Secure a date and venue

Choose a date for your event. Estimate how many guests you expect and book a location accordingly.

3) Promote your event and sell tickets

After that, it's time to promote your REEL ROCK screening and sell the tickets for it. At this point, we support you with the provision of digital advertising materials and, if desired, with online ticket sales via our ticket platform

4) Host your event

The best part: Running your event. With the appropriate preparations, your event will be a success for everyone involved!


Who can host a screening?

Anyone! Locally hosted screenings can be run by student groups, associations, (sports) clubs, retail shops and even individuals who have an entrepreneurial spirit. For any kind of host, we will find a suitable screening option.

Where can I host a screening?

Whether climbing gyms, boulder halls, gyms, theaters, school auditoriums, cinemas, town halls or even churches: A number of venues can be a suitable location for your screening. We encourage you to get creative and find a location that is appropriate for the occasion of your event. As long as proper technical equipment is available or can be arranged, anything is possible.

What are the costs?

We charge a license fee to enable you to show the current program, depending on the type of event. If applicable, additional booked services will be charged.

How can I cover the costs?

The financial model of your event is up to you. To be able to meet your financial and/or fundraising goals, you will be in control of the ticket prices (if any), box office revenue, and pricing for local sponsors.

Local sponsors are a great way to create community engagement and cover related costs. From our experience, local businesses are often enthusiastic and willing to help promote the event.

When can I host a screening?

As a rule, you can have a performance after our official premiere in Germany. If we have performances planned in your country, your performance should take place afterwards.

Will the REEL ROCK team support me?

As an independent tour host you are completely in charge of putting on a great event! This includes finding a venue, ticket sales, and promotion. Of course, our Team will be supportive at your side, and you will benefit from our many years of experience.

We also provide you with a link to our digital press page. There you have access to our poster files, logos, trailers and film details so that you can promote your event properly.

Other than that, you can book additional services, if needed.

What can my own REEL ROCK event look like?

Usually, our movie screenings are accompanied by a supporting program, consisting of moderation, a raffle and the presentation of our (local) partners. The most successful events include some form of community interaction. This could be a local band playing before the screening, a contest, or a local sports legend being interviewed.

Our tip: Capture the most beautiful moments of your event photographically!

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